Weeping Angels: The Game!

9 Nov

Alright, Doctor Who fans (and people who just wandered in here by mistake and are trying to find the bathroom), let’s play Weeping Angels: The Game!

First things first: you’re going to need somebody to play with and wow, that sounded filthy.

Step one: Just like the Angels on the show, you must cover your eyes like you’re weeping. Keep some space between your fingers, so you can actually see. Unlike the angels on the show, I’m pretty sure you’re not a quantum locked monstrosity. Except for you, Steve.

Very good!

Now, you must stand completely still. Well, as still as you can. It’s best to do this with somebody who doesn’t realize they’re playing until too late.

Next, watch them. They will blink, or turn away, or something like that and… well… okay, David Tennant? Explain it to them.


When they blink, you reach out as fast as you can and smack them. You may not be faster than they can believe, but they’ll still get the point. You’ll win if you manage to hit them, and they’ll win if they manage to get away before blinking or looking away.

Have fun, and please tell me if anybody out there actually does this with somebody, and don’t blink.

[Oh, and if you don’t know who the Weeping Angels are? You fail geek.]

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