Yet Another Family Tradegy

15 Nov

Today, I dedicate this post to my great grandfather, who died earlier this day.

He was a great, smart, strong man that- wait a minute, didn’t I do this already?!  Wow, either my family has no luck, or we’ve already entered “reruns” season.

But, on the bright side, our mourning process pretty much entails copious amounts of pizza and liquor. It’s kind of like an Irish wake, but more Canadian. Which means instead of beer, we drink maple syrup.

Oh, and on a related note:

Like this, but with more beavers.

(Wow, that sounded filthy.)

One Response to “Yet Another Family Tradegy”

  1. fiveorangetoasters (liam) November 15, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    dude as soon as you left everyone was wondering how you werent all torn up about

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