Spyer Of Evil

28 Dec

I can’t think of something to write today, so you know what that means: Omegle’s Spy Mode! Yes, I know it’s played out as hell, but that’s pretty much the name of the game here.

“Spy Mode”, for those who have better things to do than tool around on Omegle (by the way, congratulations on making better life choices than me), is a mode that allows person 1 to pose a question for persons 2 and 3 to answer. If this was an actual SPY mode, it would involve more seducing shapely women, but there you go.


Who would be the best person to tickle torture a really ticklish man who is tied up? A) neighbour (old lady) B) daughter 6 years old C) work colleague 30 year old woman: …

No comment.

“Interior crocodile alligator, I drive a Chevrolet movie theater.” – Jesus: Wait, does he actually say that?!

Oh. Okay, probably not.

Religious people, how does it feel to live in the eternal doom of your own hypocricy?: OOH! Random troll on the internet: 1. People with religious entanglements who weren’t even aware that they were in a fight: 0.

Rape me: I don’t think it counts if you, oh I don’t know, CONSENT.

small boobs vs big boobs?: Aw, do I have to decide? DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

A-America?! You insufferable Git! B-baka…: Is… is that a fucking Hetalia reference?!


Does he not have glasses lenses?


i can haz cheezborger?: Wait, ‘borger’? What’s a ‘borger’? “I can haz assimilation?” Or, maybe, “resistance r footile!”

Are you Bozo The fucking clown ??: No, I’m Bozo the Chaste Clown.

I am always talking to this guy I really like but I found out that my best friend is talking to him and giving him xxxx’s she knows I really like him .what should I do ?: QUICK, TO THE ORGY MOBILE.

When I grow up I want to be a potato: We all do, son.

We all do.


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