Snow Balled

11 Jan

According to my “friends” (by which I mean the people who I let stand around me while they yammer), there is going to be a blizzard today! And not the video game company or the Dairy Queen drink, an actual blizzard! With snow and everything!


So come on, Mother Nature and Father Sky. Time to skull fuck us till we bleed snowflakes.

Let us have it!

Come on. Snow.

Blizzard? Are you there? Come on, I’m waiting for some Silent Hill references!

It’s not going to snow, is it?

God damn it.

[Edit: Whoops, I apparently shouldn’t have said that because BOY is it snowing now. Um. Sorry, everyone! I should learn not to use my powers for evil. Or I should use them for evil MORE, I’m not quite sure.]

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