Journey To The Outside World!

4 Feb

It has come to my attention that far, far too many of my posts revolve around the internet or video games. Reviews, references, Freshly Riffed, all that Omegle stuff, it is outrageous! It’s almost as if I do almost nothing else but hang out on the internet!

And we all know that can’t be true!

So today, I am taking time out of my incredibly busy day to hang out outside, shooting jackals and riding around on giraffes or whatever it is people do outside.


I have exited the house! The sun cascades around me, making the snowflakes dance with light. Also, holy hell, it’s cold out here! Note to self: winter is cold. Truly, this is the greatest lesson of my time.

The ground is hard, far harder than the easy chair I spend most of the days in. Also, it’s wet. Those two facts may be related, I haven’t figured it out yet.


Cars keep driving by. Most of them are blue. I counted.


It’s boring out here.


Screw it, I’m going back inside. I still need to beat Mass Effect 3. 

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