Totally (Omegle) Spies!

17 Feb

We’ve activated our Idea Probes, and after three hours and two corpses, we’ve finally hit a gold mine; Omegle! Yes, we’re back to Omegle’s Spy Mode, a mode which allows random morons to pose questions to other random morons. Today, the role of “other random morons” will be played by… David Bowie, in a once in a lifetime cameo!

Naw, I’m kidding, it’s just me. I had you going there for a moment, though!


Kill yourself, faggot: No, I’m good.

I’m gay and want to kiss my classmate, we are both 16, male, and he is straight and the kindest gay I’ve ever known. what should i do?: Stare at him creepily and pelvic thrust. Repeat as necessary.


“Stare creepily and pelvic thrust” is also the number one recipe in my cook book!

You guys are the last people I’ll ever have contact with. The rope is around my neck and I’m about to step off the chair. Goodbye cruel world: Wait, how you operating a computer while standing on a chair?


im having my first party next week. any drink ideas?: Try a Pan Galactic Gargleblaster. It’ll insure you’ll never have a party again.

Do you like Hatsune Miku?: If I knew who that was… I still wouldn’t care.

Describe your love life with a movie title: Megashark Versus Giant Octopus!

It involves calamari.

Don’t ask.

Do you think it’s a coincidenec that the LIBERAL agenda fund ABORTION clinics while “president” OBAMA smiles approve GAY marriage?: “LISTEN to my well worded ARGUMENTS with RANDOMLY capitalized words BECAUSE that OBVIOUSLY makes things more INTERESTING.”

opinion on pansexuals?: What’s a pansexual? Somebody who bones cooking equipment?

HoOoOoNk :0): Oh god, the clowns are online! It’s like the world’s worst Digimon!

I want to have sex with myself: Thanks to the magic of cloning, you can!

Just call 555-6699 and buy the “Discount And Discreet Clone-Bone Package” for only $9.99! Call now, and experience a night of identical passion, followed immediately by the most awkward morning ever.

Enjoy the Double Sixty-Nine! Be identical friends with benefits! Rock some duplicate dicking! End a perfect day with some replicate relations! You can be the first person on your block to honestly say you’ve had some carbon-copy coitus!

Okay, I think you got the point.

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