Previously, On A Very Strange Place…

19 Feb


Alex has revealed he was on… assdrugs! How will Melissa and her Siamese twin  react?!

The bombs was found under the pile of coconuts… and Jason was blamed! How will he pay for his sick sister’s operation now?!

The Super Deadly Shadow Killer has killed the entire cast… except maybe not! MAYBE IT’S A DREAM!

Jesus has descended from on high, but he forgot his dance shoes! How will he win the dance competition and save the local community centre at the same time?!

A mysterious figure has a mysterious laser and has threatened to destroy Europe! (Mysteriously!)

Adolph Hitler has travelled to the future… to enrol in high school for the last time!

Miss Monday is secretly an android… which she reveals to Jim after she sleeps with him! Does he have roboaids?! Also, she’s a pedophile and he’s in fourth grade!

And the world wide exclamation point shortage continues! Who’s the culprit?! 


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