The Illness Dilemma

16 Mar

Man, it sucks that I’m still sick! Oh well, I guess I could still get some writing done. After all, that’s the proffessional thing to do, right?

Oh fuck, I got nothing.

buttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbutts  buttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbubuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbutts buttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbutts buttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbuttsbutts.

There, that’s good.


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