Megashark Versus Crocosaurus: A Review!

12 Apr

Okay, okay, I’m finished yanking your chain. It’s finally time to review… Megashark Versus Crocosaurus!

I took the time to rewatch it, so I think I can actually give a complete review. Which is good, because this movie has a lot to make fun of.

(And there is literally nothing I do better than make fun of movies.)


(God, that’s depressing.)

The movie opens with… wait a second. I think I need to buy some groceries. I don’t have anything for dinner!

Be right back!

Alright, everybody, I’m back! I got some milk, some cheese, and a nice lasanga!

So, how much time do I have left for my review?



Um, um, um, Megashark Versus Crocosaurus is a movie in which a giant crocodile and a giant shark kill things and I think we can all agree that that’s a positive thing!

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