A Death Threat To My Sister

13 Apr

I dedicate this post today

To Seanin (my sister),

A wise and wacky, kindly girl.

It’s a shame I’ll have to kill her.


She rolled up to the house

With a dinner in pans,

Said, “Hey, eat this chicken,

But first, give me a hand!”


With a frown and a wince

I then started to say,

“I would eat that chicken,

But Doctor Who is today!”


Sadly, my sister

Did not see it this way.

I was ordered to clean.

On threat of death, I obeyed.


I cleaned off the table,

Set the table with flair,

Tried to escape the gaze,

Of my sister’s sentient hair.


The meal was superb,

With birds and potatoes,

But throughout the whole meal,

I sought only basic cable.


That’s why I must kill her,

(I hope you aren’t appalled.)

I must kill her because,

She made me miss Clara Oswin Oswald!


(Thanks for the meal, sis! I’ll try to only kill you a little.)

One Response to “A Death Threat To My Sister”

  1. Karen April 14, 2013 at 8:42 pm #

    Fun poem. I missed last night’s Dr Who as well.

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