Welcome To Spinnydome!

16 May


The rules of Spinnydome are simple; But first, you must find a chair! A spinny chair, to be precise. If you try Spinnydome without a spinny chair, you will end up dead, impoverished, and naked.

(Not necessarily in that order.)

Upon gaining a spinny chair, you must find a party. Now, according to our high-tech sensors aimed at your crotches, you’re intelligent, well-mannered, and remarkably sexually active, so naturally you’ll have no problem finding a party.

Sneak the chair in to the corner of the party. Now, spin. Spinspinspinspinspin!

The goal of Spinnydome is to spin as long as possible without anybody noticing you. Every time somebody DOES notice you, kill all witnesses and wait until people forgot you were spinning, and then spin again.

Feel free to try this any place where people won’t be paying attention to the maniac twirling in the corner! Like your local high school, for instance.

(Also, you can try the drinking game version, but if you do, I’m not responsible for whatever you spew out.)

(Is it candy? I hope it’s candy.)



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