“We Try To Be Interesting.”

17 May

“A Very Strange Place: We Try To Be Interesting.”

Who chose that motto, anyway? I mean, it was me (obviously) but I have to wonder what kind of mood I was in. It’s just so… delightfully emo. It’s the website equivalent of an bitchy teenager. “No, it’s cool that you don’t like us. I mean, I was just trying to be interesting. It’s fine.

But, hey, I guess it’ll do. I mean, what else could I possibly have as a motto?!


“A Very Strange Place: Neither Strange, Nor An Actual Place.”

“A Very Strange Place: Come For The Desecration Of All That’s Good In The World, Stay For The Fact That We Just Stole Your Car Keys.”

“A Very Strange Place: We’re Like Hookers, Only Instead Of Paying Us For Sex, We Do The Exact Opposite Of That.”

“A Very Strange Place: At Least We’re Not Ripping Off Penny Arcade.

“A Very Strange Place: Straight Up Thuggin’.”


“A Very Strange Place: Please Don’t Sue Us, WordPress. We Have No Money, And We Bruise Surprisingly Easily.”

“A Very Strange Place: The Second Most Hated Canadian Since Adolph ‘Puppy Stomper’ Jones.”

“A Very Strange Place: Pants Are Not Required, Nor Are They Recommended.”

“A Very Strange Place: What’s In The Fucking Box?!”

“A Very Strange Place: Dick Joke Dick Joke Dick Joke Dick Joke.”

“A Very Strange Place: I Will Turn This Car Around, So Help Me.”

“A Very Strange Place: Release The Hounds!”

“A Very Strange Place: Hopefully Darren Lynn Bousman Has A Sense Of Humour.”

“A Very Strange Place: Purple, The Colour Of Kings And Certain Kingly Prostitutes.”

“A Very Strange Place: Let’s Wordfuck Their Brainhole.”

This needs to be my new motto.



One Response to ““We Try To Be Interesting.””


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    […] you might say, “But Erik, you magnificent stallion! You already did something like this about your tagline! What’s the difference this time?”. And that’s when I discreetly shoot you in the […]

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