Omegle, Play Me Out!

23 Jul

According Omegle’s new home page, their new motto is, “PERVERTS NOT WELCOME”.

Omegle, that is a FILTHY lie, and you know it.

Anyway, let’s let Omegle set me us to magical place, filled with questions asked by random people, and then we’ll make fun of them! And all of the questions will be filthy, because that’s just how this works.



Soooo… Walk The Dinosaur?

Why don’t you two cyber?

I can think of many, many reasons. In fact, I’ve compiled a list of the reasons, and I’ve turned it into my new best selling song, Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On.

does anyone else wanna have sex with a tranny?

And this is where I step out!

Do you hate the grammar police on here too?

I’m actually a grammatical ambassador. I have full grammatical immunity. The coppers can’t touch me!

Do you have a hot sister or mother? If so, tell me where can I meet up with her in a hotel or motel. It is for my high school maths project! I need to at least get an A.

What kind of high school do you think he goes to?

Yeah, that makes sense.

A crazy lady has turned me into a potato. she has put her idiotic friend in control of my testing facility… help me

Oh, hey, it’s a reference to that classic video game! You know, Soylent Green!

Wanna see some HD LEGAL Jailbait?

The fact that you have to emphasize “legal” is really, really worrisome.

wow great response anybody else want to.see this monster cock could faint

Okay, unless you’re using it to beat people to death, I don’t think you want a “MONSTER” cock.

Talk about music. Now


Man wearing pantyhose/tights. Discuss!

… Please tell me that’s not an actual thing OH GOD IT’S AN ACTUAL THING.

That’s an expression that says, “Kill me. With fire.”

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