The Next Generation!

26 Jul

Hiya, peeps and peepettes!

Because writing an average of about 400 words a day for an entire year was clearly not enough, I’ve started a Tumblr!

Specifically, THIS Tumblr!

With this NEW Very Strange Place, I’ll… I’ll…

Yeah, I haven’t entirely nailed down what the hell I’m going to do with this thing. But, um. It’s there! It’s got that going for it!

All I’ve figured out is, A) It’s purple, B) It’s called A Very Strange Place, C) I had to put hyphens in the URL and that will never stop pissing me off, and D) REBLOGGING IS A HATE CRIME.

For ME, I mean. I’m saying I won’t reblog anything unless it has to do with A Very Strange Place. You guys can go ahead and reblog away!

(Hee hee hee, free view counts, here I come!)

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