Madhere: Part Seventeen

11 Aug

(For the first story arc of Madhere, click here. For parts Eleven TwelveThirteenFourteen, Fifteen, or Sixteen, click here.)

“Alright, Lilah, it’s time to go.” Darren said as he tapped Lilah on the shoulder.

“Nooooes!” she cried as she slumped against the bar. “I jus’ need one mo’e drink!”

“Please get her out of here.” the bartender frowned. “We banned her from drinking a while ago. That really hasn’t stopped her.”

With a sigh, Darren stood Lilah up and slumped her against his shoulders. He started dragging her through the crowd of the Horrible Mistake’s patrons, ignoring the multitude of distracting outfits and worrisome body odors.

“Hey, what y’a doin’ with tha’ sweet, honey?” slurred a slender bar patron with long brown hair and very nice… curves.

“Making a pie.” Darren pushed past her and started whirling around, searching for the exit. Exactly how many gay people are in here?! This place is non-euclidean fucking geometry, it’s bigger on the inside! 

Finally, he followed the tell tale smell of the bouncer’s awful cologne to the exit. When they passed, the bouncer eyed Lilah, and then Darren… for significantly longer, actually.

“Bleh, why’d we have to goooo!” Lilah slurred as she leaned her head against Darren’s neck, sending a jolt of electricity straight down his spine. “I was JUS’ ’bout to get that bartender in the sack!”

“No, you were ‘jus’ about to vomit on everyone and everything in the room, and considering what you’ve been drinking, I’m pretty sure the fumes would have killed us all. Now, let’s get you home before your liver officially reaches critical mas-”

“Ooh, leaving so soon?” cooed a voice sweetly. Darren looked up in shock.


Althea stood before them, with her long black hair, a tight fitting black dress, and her trademark white body paint. She had the kind of smile on that makes people want to lock their pets up and check for fires.

“I thought you were going to library today.” she said very carefully.

“Althy, well, that WAS the plan, but-”

“I wanna get laid!” blurted out Lilah. “Is… is not working, as of yet.”

Althea giggled. “Oh, and I assume THIS is Lilah?”

Darren frowned.

“You knooow,” Lilah pushed herself off Darren and swayed in place. “I’ve always kinda had a thin’ for gothic girls…”

Darren frowned a lot.

“Oh, really?” Althea stepped to Lilah, put her arm around her, and started nuzzling her… we don’t feel comfortable stating what she was nuzzling. You can guess.

“ALTHEA!” snapped Darren. “She is utterly wasted, she is in no state to be doing that kinda thing, and we need to get her home, and why are you even doing this? We don’t have a session for another week! And, more importantly-”

“Oh, shaddup and blow it out your hole!” snapped Lilah as she started licking Althea’s… ahem. God, this is awkward.

“Yeah, I thought this was the plan!” Althea smirked. “You know, they have a couple rooms upstairs for rent at the Horrible Mistake… For, you know. Sexy things. Like, sex. That kinda stuff.”

“Ooh, I like the sound of that.” Lilah purred, as the two of them sauntered in to the bar, doing whatever they could to make things as awkward as possible.

Darren stood in place, paralysed with indecision.

“Ooh, this is a very, very, very very not good.”



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