Madhere: Part Nineteen

15 Aug

(For the first story arc of Madhere, click here. For parts Eleven TwelveThirteenFourteenFifteenSixteen, Seventeen, or Eighteen, click here.)

“Oh my god,” gasped the bartender. “Are you okay?!”

“Well, considering that I’m bleeding all over your bar… yeah, I’m fucking amazing.” wheezed Darren as he clutched the bar.

The bouncer frowned. “I found him outside, bleeding all over a bum.”

“That is the strangest fetish.” muttered a passing bar patron. Most of the bar patrons were gathered around Darren and the bouncer, partially because of his multiple stab wounds, but mostly because he was keeping them from getting drinks.

The Horrible Mistake was not known for it’s compassion.

“Was it Rod?! God, I told him not to hang around out there!”

The bouncer shook his head. “He says it was a goth woman. Did anyone-”

“Yes, actually!” the bartender started rummaging below the counter. “A goth woman and that drunkard from earlier… in room 13! Here’s the master key.”

“Wait, you guys seriously rent rooms out for sex?”

“Not always sex!” said the bartender defensively. “We also rent the rooms out for Scrabble on Tuesdays.”

The bouncer led Darren through the door behind the bar. It was a dark staircase, that smelled faintly of sweat and vomit and… other things.

They went up two floors, and exited in to a hallway lined with doors and sticky carpets.

“Wow, you SERIOUSLY have this many rooms?” gasped Darren.

The bouncer shrugged.

They turned to the first door on the left; Number 13.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” erred the bouncer. “I mean, the room is a-knocking.”

“Dude!” gasped Darren. “I have stab wounds! That trumps sex rules!”

The bouncer shrugged again, put the key in the lock, and opened the door. “Ugh, I feel so awkward.”

“And I feel so riddled with stab wounds. I win.” Darren stepped in with a flourish. The room was sparsely furnished, with a bed, tinted windows, an atrocious wall paper, and two half naked lesbians going at it- wait, what?

Darren!” gasped Althea, currently fiddling with Lilah’s bra. “What are you DOING here?!”

“Darr’n?” muttered Lilah, currently nestled in Althea’s neck. “Is you bleedin’?!”

“This man says the goth one stabbed him!” shouted the bouncer, who was very specifically not checked the women out.

“Izzat true?” gasped Lilah.

Jesus, how drunk is she?, thought Darren.

“What?! No! You were THERE!” Althea let go of Lilah’s bra.

“Then where’d I get these from?” Darren snapped.

“I dunno, clumsy in the kitchen?” Althea snapped back. “You can’t seriously be doing this, Darren, I didn’t stab you! And there’s no evidence!”

“There’s these bite marks!” Darren triumphantly pointed to them. The bouncer saw them and gasped dramatically.

“No, those aren’t from me- well, they ARE from me, but you have to believe me!” said Althea desperately. “Darren operates this secret S&M dungeon side business in a storage unit, and we had a session today! That’s where the bites came from!”

Everyone fell silent.

“That sounded better in my head, I swear.”

Okay, I almost got the bitch. Now for the finishing touch…

“If you didn’t stab me,” began Darren dramatically. “Then were did THIS come from?!”

He tossed his sweater off in a single tug… revealing his t-shirt, coated in Althea’s body paint from earlier.

The bouncer gasped again. He’s great at that.

“I- no, I can explain! It’s- the dungeon- and-” Althea stammered desperately.

“You bitch!” shrieked Lilah. “How dare your hurt him!”

She threw herself at Althea, grabbing her neck and wringing it as Althea started pushing back.

They were still half naked.

We’re sure you can imagine.


“Ooh, we should sell tickets!” murmured Darren.

“Don’t you want to get to a hospital?” asked the bouncer.

“In a minute, in a minute…” Darren trailed off.

“Okay, I need to break this up. Rule’s say I need to break this stuff up once somebody starts getting off on it.” sighed the bouncer.

“Wha- I’m not getting off on this!” Darren gasped defensively.

“Not YOU!” the bouncer pointed at the duo.

“Oh god oh god oh god oh god YES! Strangle me harder, HARDER!” Althea started bucking her hips as they fought.

“Yur one fucked up bitch!” slurred Lilah as she started slapping her.


“Okay, yeah, you should probably break it up.” sighed Darren.


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