How Will I Write A Post Today?

20 Aug

METHOD ONE: Invent a time machine, travel to the future, and steal a post idea from him.

CONS: Most likely impossible, and most DEFINITELY immoral. May cause a paradox. (Said paradox could be awesome, though. I should check on that.)

METHOD TWO: Do every drug ever, be driven in to an insane drug fuelled bender, write a post before I sober up.

CONS: Drugs are expensive! 

METHOD THREE: Enslave a small European village, force them to write for me.

CONS: They don’t let me back in Europe any more.

METHOD FOUR: Invent a robot to write it for me!

CONS: Isn’t that even harder than writing a post?

METHOD FIVE: Actually sit down and write a post.

CONS: Don’t even joke like that. 

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