Putting The “Me” In Omegle

24 Aug

See that title pun?

Man, I’ve still got it.

Anyway, Omegle! A variable mine shaft for innuendos and mockery! People from all over the world say stupid things. I make fun of them. Try to keep up.


if ur boyfriend asks u to have sex with him how do u tell him no?

You tell him your panties are looking like a Mongolian battlefield.

why put yourself into this shit hole called omegle

Intense masochism.

That, and I’m bored.

What is love?

The first person who says “baby, don’t hurt me” dies in a shallow grave.

Don’t test me; shovels are cheap.

u wot m8 u avin a giggl m8 i fukd ur mum umad? ill fukn reck u if u discunect

Are… are you having a stroke? Is that what’s going on?

I had sex with Paula Dean once. She had me roll her in butter and whispered ‘churn’ into my ear while she was jerking me off.

Annnnd now I will never have an erection again! Thanks for that.

Message me boys,i’m wet

Oh, do you want a towel?

Your Spouse Just Found Out You Had Sex With Their Best Friend Try To Talk Your Way Out Of It

Wait, I have a spouse?

Wait, I have a friend?!

What the fuck is going on?!


Officer I swaer to drunk I’m not god

Wow, your jokes are terrible. And I’m saying that.

Why are bronies such hideous, beta losers?

‘Beta’ losers, as opposed to the Alpha Losers, LEADERS OF THE LOSER PACKS!

Why do people as for asl on omegle? Are they really that sad and lonely?

They haven’t figured out how the internet works.

I mean, come on! There’s porn literally everywhere. 

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