A Very Omegle Place

5 Sep

According to Omegle’s new homepage, their brand new motto is, “Pervs are banned”.

That is a filthy lie, and you know it.

Anyway, Omegle is a website that allows 30 000 people to connect to each other. With stupid questions and perversion, just like my family re-unions.


Will you rate my cock

Hmm. “Small, dank, barbed. One out of five, would not fuck again.”

girls only kik SuperSniper95

Oh, yeah, I bet the girls love your “super sniper” rifle.

(That’s a reference to your penis, by the way.)

(That is also sarcasm.)

Bleh, I’m using a picture of a meme. I feel dirty.

Kik sexter17 if u wanna see a big dick

Please refer to the above picture.

hey boys, do you prefer bush or no bush?

You have a lot of faith in my vagina wrangling skills!

Destiel or Johnlock?

… Oh god. I know what you’re talking about, and that scares me.

What do you think of sex

Well, that’s an interesting question! Let’s talk about sex, shall we?

Tits would be appreciated … Kik user

“Tits Would Be Appreciated” is actually the name of my autobiography.

male model 16. kik macmile

Seriously, what the fuck is up with Kik today?! Did I miss a party?!

Why do people listen to shitty dadrock bands like the beetles or queer instead of good bands like coldgay or fail out boy`

Give me five minutes, and we’ll be ready to drop an orbital radioactive core on their position.

We also call this a “Fuck You Charlie”.

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