Computer, In Memoriam

3 Oct

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you… when does a computer officially stop working?

If you answered “when it snaps in half”, I have to hiss “wrooooooong” in to your ears while you sleep, because I have little or no value of personal space.

Yes, today, I dedicate my post to the brave laptop… er, “Frankenputer”. (Look, I never got around to naming it, okay?! It was on my list!) Despite the fact that the frame has undergone such stress it has shattered in to several pieces AND separated the screen from my base, Frankenputer is still running!

It’s a living (Wait… no, not living. Computers don’t do that, except in that dream I had) testament to the digital spirit, the power of human craftsmanship, and the sheer determination of quality!

Anyway, does anyone know where I can buy a new computer?


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