Madhere: Part Twenty Seven

9 Oct

[For the first Madhere story arc, click here. For the second Madhere story arc, click here instead. For parts Twenty OneTwenty TwoTwenty ThreeTwenty FourTwenty Five, and Twenty Six, click here.]

A third silence fell over the room.

“Or not.” Lilah said lamely. “I… I guess that’s not what we’re doing.”

“Lilah, seriously, what the actual fuck.” Todd shook his head.

“I mean… JESUS.” Nina paced back and forth as well as she could.

“Lilah, sweetie, if you could maybe possible hypothetically NOT murder our boss?” Darren pleaded. 

“You would get SO fired. Possibly literally, I haven’t decided yet.” Todd giggled to himself as he pictured it.

“Look, I said I was sorry!” Lilah slowly picked up the shards of the bottle.

Nina frowned. “No, you didn’t.”

“I thought it very loudly in your general direction, it still counts.” Lilah snapped back.

Todd wiggled in his restraints. “So, here’s my new plan: You guys let me out right now, and I don’t have you arrested for kidnapping! Is good plan. Is BEST plan.”

“How about… fuck you?” Nina suggested.

“Seeing as we’re both in chairs, that seems problematic!” Todd yelled back.

“Oh, you’d be surprised, you get pretty resourceful when you’re stuck in this thing…” Nina leered. 

“Oooh, now you have my attention…” Todd arched a single eyebrow. 

“Hang on, are you flirting?” Darren gasped in disbelief. 

“He has Stockholm Syndrome down to an art.” Lilah shook her head in awe.

“Well, excuse me, princess, but I’m bored!” Todd sighed. “It’s either flirting, escape attempts, or promising the Tumblr account to whoever unties me first.”

For the fourth time, a silence fell over the storage unit. That is, till Nina, Darren, and Lilah rushed out of the darkness to free Todd.

Oh god, not the face, not the face!” shrieked Todd, but far too late. The group smashed in to Todd at full speed, tipping him and the chair over. They fell over Todd, Nina grabbing at his legs, Lilah landing on his head, and Darren sprawled across his chest. Cue writing and grunting. 

“Holy hell, what is going on?!” wailed Todd. “And why is it turning me on?!”


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