Turns Out, Omegle Was In Our Hearts The Whole Time

12 Oct

really need to find a zingy opener for these silly “Go to Omegle, find morons asking questions, mock them” things. Either that, or come up with a standardized title. Coming up with a stupid title about Omegle every time is killing me.





to get kiddnapped and raped is how

I think you just kidnapped and raped sentence structure.

Do you believe in God?

Oh, please. There’s no God, just Harrison Ford and his chiselled jawline.

Does that make snakes the Devil?

I find it hard to respect fat/obese people, does this make me a bad person?

No, but the fact that you keep hunting them down for sport is, at the very least, a blip on the karma meter.

13 girl and I love masturbating watching old porn like with granny’s and Granddads

*spit take*

Is it still cheating if I’m dating another guy? (I’m male, and I have a girlfriend. She doesn’t know I’m bi)

Of course, later, it turns out that his boyfriend is actually his girlfriend in disguise. And hilarity ensues!

Fuck omegle they owe me money

Fuck Omegle? Like, all of Omegle?

Wouldn’t that chafe?

Talk about dedication.

Spy mode lets you ask a question and watch two strangers discuss it. (The strangers volunteer to be watched.) Ask anything you like, but try to keep questions open-ended and thought-provoking.


Michael Myers is behind you…..

No he isn’t, that’s just Michael Moore- oh fuck it’s Michael Moore.

So how many of you ponyfags are going trick or treating as your favorite pony from My Little Pony? Lol, I hope you get your ass kicked and candy stolen, PONYFAG!

I haven’t seen someone so angry about a children’s cartoon since Yu Gi Oh did their “Holocaust in the Heart of the Cards” episode.

looking for cute girls

And instead, you found me, the cutest girl.

Don't deny it!

Don’t deny it!


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