Technical Difficulties

4 Nov

If the world was a kind, just, and wise one, you’d currently be looking at the other half of my The Conjuring review! “Abraca-Boring! The Conjuring Review, Part Two.”

Well, guess what! Diet Pepsi is inedible, rainbows end in outhouses, hookers are paid to stomp kittens on live T.V, the world isn’t kind, just, or wise, and my Conjuring review just got fucked in the ass so hard it’s proctologist has post traumatic stress disorder!

With 2000 words down and less then 20 minutes left in the runtime, you’d think this review was in the bag, but seeing as my computer is literally held together with duct tape, the entire fucking thing just died!

Oh. Fuck.

By the time I’ve restarted and done damage control, it turns out the entire review was gone… including the auto-save cache, making a file recovery impossible.

Which means that, if I wish to restart, I’d have to sit through The Conjuring again! Every dull, boring, banal, uninteresting, obvious, insulting… second.



One Response to “Technical Difficulties”


  1. Thank Heaven For Little Boys: Insidious Review, Part One | A VERY STRANGE PLACE - January 5, 2014

    […] The dramatic music cues once again return to inform us that something scary is happening, because it’s not as if the actual movie could tell us that, and the parents run upstairs to tend to Dalton, and… oh my god, I realize where I’ve seen the father before! He’s one of the jackass ghostbusters in The Conjuring! So I guess if this review is cut short by technical difficulties, we’ll know what happened! […]

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