Freshly Riffed 58: Turn Him ‘Round, Paddle His Rear

28 Nov

Welcome back to Freshly Riffed, the only web series that will keep broadcasting straight through the zombie apocalypse… unless there’s anything good on T.V.

And if you actually PUT a zombie apocalypse on T.V, I’m pretty sure my head would explode.

According to the supernova I have lodged in my molars, Freshly Riffed is where I make fun of the titles of Freshly Pressed blog posts. Also, my dentist is gonna be PISSED.

Each title will be linked to the original author, and remember; All mockery is for mockery’s sake only.


I May Shop On Thanksgiving

… You rebel?

To All The Parents I Judged: I’m Sorry

“Except for Jim and Wendy. Fuck you, Jim and Wendy.”

Striking Back Against Censorship

Wait, some people still insist on censorship? F*** that s***!

I mean, this is the internet, people.

And We Fade Into Darkness, Fade Into Darkness

And then we repeat what we already said, what we already said.

Unbecoming A Writer

“My god, he found the cure to the infection!”

“You’re right! His body is changing on the atomic level! He’s… unbecoming a writer!”

Domestic Experiments

“We’ve replaced the housewife with a self aware rat. Lets see if they notice!”

Time To Put Some Pants On


From Russia With… Love?

I don’t think that’s love- OH FUCK IT’S A GUN.

Is there even a difference?!

This Is Marriage

Really? Damn, I was hoping it was Sparta.

The Five Worst Things You Can Say To A Blogger

5: You’re a blogger.

4: You write a blog.

3: You own a blog.

2: You blog a blog.

1: Blog blog blog bloooooog.


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