The Tenth Day Of Regretmas: Just Getting Meta

22 Dec

On the tenth day of Regretmas, my true love gave to me:

What was I thinking,

Found footage gameplay,

A horrible idea,

Horror two parters,

Foggy town o’ monsters,

Storm of rhy-ming sharks!


I’m such a dick,

Lasers and love,

And the first post that you’ve ev – er seen!

Oh god.

Oh god, what was I thinking.

A post, a big, serious, “can’t just halfass it and write a Freshly Riffed or Omegle” post.

In Christmas.

Fucking Christmas.

All the shopping.

And 700th post on Christmas Eve.

Oh god.

Need a break.

Gimme a break.

All of the breaks.

What’s even going on.



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