The Cheque Of Doom

23 Jan

Look at it… it’s just sitting there… judging me…

[Editor’s Note: … What are you doing?]

Shh! It’ll hear you!

[Editor’s Note: You mean, that cheque that you got from the sex toy people? It finally arrived?]

Yes, keep your damn voice down! It’s vision is based on who’s the dumbest, so you don’t have long!

[Editor’s Note: Why are you scared of it?]

It’s… look, it’s the first pay cheque I’ve ever gotten that didn’t come from cleaning art stores, and let me tell you, the people who shop there are prissy little bitches.

[Editor’s Note: Good god, just cash it in, man!]

I can’t! It already has a taste for human blood.

[Editor’s Note: Jesus christ, fine, I’ll do it for you- HOLY FUCK IT HAS TEETH! WHO GAVE THIS THING FUCKING TEETH?!]

I told you! I fucking told you!

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