My Best Movie Idea (Drunkenly Scrawled On The Back Of A Napkin)

19 Feb

Blrrr… I’mma the best movie writer author EVER!

[Editor’s Note: … What smells like cheap whiskey?]


[Editor’s Note: Dude, you’re not a movie writer, you’re barely a dick joke writer.]

No no no no no, LISTEN.

[Editor’s Note: … Yes?]

Oh! Usually nobody listens when I do that!

[Editor’s Note: Gee. I wonder why.]

Bite me. Okay, okay, listen: “Adolf Hitler, tired of having to deal with time travellers trying to kill him all the time, steals one of their time machines to go to the future and kill the inventor of time travel… Doc Brown.

[Editor’s Note: … Not going to lie, that sounds amazing.]

SEE?! All I have to do is add in a sub-plot where Marty’s mom accidentally falls in love in Hermann Goering and I’ll have that fucking Emmy in the bag!


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