Lets All Go To Omegle To Get Ourselves Some Snacks

9 Mar

Alright, I know I was going on a pretty good streak of “reviews”, people, but I think it’s time for a break!

[Editor’s Note: So, what, you’re going to take a day off?]

What? Fuck no, I’ll just make a post mocking Omegle! Seriously, a day off? Is this your first day here or something?


Should I fuck my cousin? tell me how i should fuck her

… Jesus fuck, you’re going to hit me with that right out of the gate? It’s like you’re hitting me in the face with a pie, only instead of a pie, it’s INCEST!

I like tits

Why, sir, as a matter of fact, I agree! Who could have guessed it!


Start an argument right now. Get brutal

Um. Colin Baker was the best Doctor?


can i fly?

Hmm, let’s find out! LARRY! GET THE CATAPULT!

Horny women kik WhiteXXXBoy for a good time

No. No, they don’t. I mean, I appreciate the confidence, but the odds of sexually desperate women trying to get in to contact with you are roughly equal with the odds of them getting in to contact with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Sorry, Webby.

Hurting women

Second worse stand-up comedian ever.

how do i nicely say to someone i dont want to be with them after a seperation bc of another person that i want to be with?

Carve it in to their chest while they’re sleeping!

Come on, do it!

I fucking dare you.

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