In A Strip Club, No One Can Hear You Scream: Asian School Girls Review, Part Three

8 Aug

So, just to be clear, am I the only one who finds the abject sexualization of the main characters, despite the fact that they’re all victims of traumatic rape, to be really freaking upsetting?

No? Just me? Gotcha.

Those aren’t skirts, those are handkerchiefs with aspirations of greatness.

Previously, on Asian School Girls: Four Asian school girls were drugged and molested in a motel room, resulting in plenty of over-acting and one suicide. So, the three remaining Asian school girls decide to strike out against the gang of rapists! By… working at a strip club.

… They’re not very good at this.


After their montage of stripping and lap dances is over with, it’s time to cut to a training montage! And by “training montage”, I mean the exact same stripping montage as last time only with shots of them punching dummies thrown in, along with the complete objectification of women. I think this must be what feminism looks like to people who have no fucking idea what feminism is.

Anyway, the “training” part of the montage is over with, so that means we’re just stuck with more lap dances. And me oh my, I can’t tell you how not turned on I am. God, this whole movie is just sleazy. Like if somebody made Ke$ha, The Major Motion Picture, or maybe if somebody shot an entire movie from the point of view of  an internet pop-up ad.

One night, they finally spot the two rapists, enjoying the show, and fortunately they don’t know it’s them yet, because I guess the face isn’t the part of the body they’re focusing on right now. The girls wait until they’re far, far too drunk to actually do anything (either this is a montage or they managed to drink the entire bar in a single cut), and they call the bouncer over on the pretense of them touching the girls inappropriately. So the bouncer tosses the fuckers outside, into the waiting asskicking of the three girls! Who are… all in their schoolgirl outfits now, I guess. Clark Kent wishes he had their quick change skills.

They drag the two men in to a darkened warehouse, and hold a gun to their heads and demand to know who was paying them to take girls to the motel. And when they start getting mouthy, one of the girls… slices open his cock.

I Spit On Your Grave, eat your heart out.

Annnnnd every man and woman with a penis is officially clenching their legs.

She follows that up by slicing up the guy’s hand, until he finally gives up his phone with all the contact information for each of his clients. Yeah, apparently these guys get paid to go drug girls and bring them back to be molested. Man, even rape is outsourcing nowadays.

But as it turns out, using a gun to threaten somebody when you’ve never held a gun before in your life is a bad idea, and she accidentally blows a hole through the guy’s head! And the girl with the knife freaks out and fillets the fucker. Um. Okay, shooting a gun by accident is understandable, but repeatedly and viciously stabbing somebody… kinda requires some effort. Congrats, by the way, you guys are fucking killers now!

While they’re freaking out and consider calling the cops, two random extras walk in, and they decide that murder would also be an acceptable solution here. Okay, goddammit, you guys are very quickly losing my sympathy. Torturing the rapists? Understandable. Accidentally shooting a rapist? Just an accident. Repeatedly stabbing a rapist in the neck? Um, that one’s a little off. Violently murdering two innocent bystanders just because they happened to fucking walk by?! OUR PROTAGONISTS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

The girls find a tracker on one of the corpses, because that’s totally something rapists just happen to have, and realize that their employers must be coming after them now. So, they lose the tracking device, and we cut to one of the girls having a shower to wash the blood off. Yes, this is definitely a scene to appreciate the emotional trauma this girl is going through, and definitely not just a scene to look at her tits.


The next morning, while the girls are heading off to school, we see the detective investigating the crime scene. Because, sure, I guess this one cop is in charge of every single investigation in this town.

At the coffee shop, the girls decide to just call random numbers on the cell phone until they find someone whose voice sounds familiar. And once they do, they manage to find the man’s address with SUPER HACKING POWERS. (Trademark pending.)

This is what hacking looks like, right?

Meanwhile, the detective is investigating at the strip club, and of course, said scene is composed of the detective being as nice as possible, and the owner being as rude as possible! Seriously, it’s almost getting funny here. Did he owe the director money or something? Why is everyone constantly busting his balls?!

All the detective gets is that the men hassled some of his dancers the night he tied, and a description of the dancers as “young, hot, and Asian”. Which is, admittedly, less than helpful. We cut to the girls, waiting on stakeout to find the contact, until he heads off to the hotel for more of usual fair. Which is… um. Skee-ball. Yes, he rents out a private hotel room for… skee-ball.

He’s all surprised when the girls show up. I mean, his rapist friends aren’t even here yet, and they say they’re actually consenting! MADNESS! Of course, it’s all a lie to get in to the room and hold a gun to his head, and start up with the threats. And I have to say, this guy is freaking hilarious. He treats the entire thing like he’s a used car salesmen, being hassled by a disgruntled customer. “Name your price, and I’ll get you a rape of your own, absolutely free!”

But, it appears the girls have figured out the cheat code for this whole interrogation thing: Chop of their penis! And really, it’s a credit to his jackass that he manages to be both coherent, and sarcastic to them, all while they’re slicing his penis off! Anyway, the gist of it, this whole service thing is just something he uses every once and a while to impress clients with exotic tastes. “I only use it six or seven times a year, I swear!”

… You know, dude, when somebody is slicing open your penis like an over-cooked hot dog, it’s okay to lie. Like, “oh, I only used it that one time”? No? Well, fine, I’ll grab some mustard for your wang.

Submitted without comment.

The clients for the evening show up, so they slit the guy’s throat, spilling CGI blood all over the floor, and cue kung fu fight! Which swiftly ends when the girls realize, oh right, we have fucking guns! Where’s my head at, for keerist’s sake!

They hope in their get-away car and drive away, and decide now that they’ve gotten revenge on everyone who deserved revengin’, they’re done with this! But back at the motel room, the detective and the rest of the police force arrive to investigate… just as a fresh round of rapist and victims show up for tonight’s festivities.

There is no sad trombone big enough.

Back at the station, the detective interrogates the latest scumbag, and he points out that not only is he in so much legal trouble that 25 years in Pound-Me-In-The-Ass Penitentiary is the best case scenario, but lately, rapists in this city are startin’ to have the lifespan of mayflies with a smoking habit! But of course, the jackass can’t tell him anything, because nobody knows who the man behind all of this is. And speak of the devil, and I’ve never meant that term so literally, but when the girls head to school and open the trunk of their car, they find a dead schoolgirl, with a tracking device shoved down her throat.

*snapping fingers*

knew I left that somewhere!

This is what Google says a schoolgirl looks like, but I’m pretty sure this lady isn’t a real schoolgirl.

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