And On The Third Day, Omegle Will Rise

19 Aug

Lemme tell you a story all about how, Omegle got flipped turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute on my summer vacation while Omegle tries to sell you discount penis medication…


What is the best TV show ever? Discuss.

Candle Cove, duh! My favorite episode is the one with the screaming!

Oh, Pirate Percy, you’re a RIOT.

what has a single eye but can’t see? no its not your butt or your dick

… Why, hello, Ten-Year-Old Version Of The Riddler. Either that, or somebody Rule 34’d the Sphinx.

decent places to fuck in a high school?

Sorry, man, but the only people fucked in a high school are the teachers.

Is it raping time yet? I want a good struggle this time!

You seem like a charmer.

I need help coming out as transgender to my friends and family.

Okay, I’m game! Now, we need some candy stripper uniforms, a organ grinder’s monkey, and I have a whole musical number written…

how do you know if a girl is a lesbian without asking?

Draw some of her blood and expose it to an open flame. See, each cell of the lesbian is a fully aware being, and will react with self preservation…

“You have got to be fucking kidding me…”

Who agrees we should have an international blowjob day every month?

And everyone without a dick for a hundred miles just got tremendously pissed off, and they have no idea why.

Role play?

I roll for initiative.

The answer to the ultimate question Of life, the universe and everything is…

Wait, wait, wait, I know this one! 12!

Wait, FUCK!

how do you tell someone who is very clingy and sorta boring that thinks they’re your best friend that you don’t like them w/o being rude?!

Hmm. Have you considered arson?

I wonder how your friend is, locked up in jail, curled up with his shower buddy. While you’re out here. Free.

… Wait, I have A FRIEND?!


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