Omegle, Save My Bacon!

2 Sep

Guh… spent all day… cleaning things… and shopping… either I’m tired to a mathematical degree not yet calculated by man or my bones have been teleported out of my body to feed some kind of magical fairy…

… So, yeah! Let’s let Omegle do all the work!

 Try to improv a scene where a group of guys are trying to break into a bank…but they have all the wrong tools (start any way you like)

Why, hello, every drama class I’ve ever had.

All im saying is we load a catapult with hookers and call it the hookerpult then launch them at our enemy’s. The idea is completely flawless.

Pictured: The original first draft of Angry Birds.

I have big tities

So do I! In a jar on my desk!

How do you become the person who answers the questions?

Wish upon a star!

Looking to talk to a nice, fun intellectual girl

And instead, you found me! I think that’s pretty much the diametric opposite.

Although apparently we own the same hat.

No, see, I KNOW what a question is, I just don’t care to provide you with one.

Oh, how charming! You’ve proven you can be a jackass on either side of the fourth wall!

What’s a good outfit for the second day of school for a girl?

I heard tanks are popular this time of year.

How should I ask someone out to a high school dance?

Find their significant other, knock them unconscious, and carve the invitation in to their chest with a copy of “Sharknado”! That’s how the missus got me, anyway.


One Response to “Omegle, Save My Bacon!”

  1. Alexander Dunwall September 2, 2014 at 11:15 pm #

    Omegle, the sound you make when you realize you are dying…of lack of sanity from being on Omegle.
    “Oh m–*incoherent gurgling of blood*”

    Omegle nut shelled itself with it’s own name.

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