Omegle Versus The Lord Of The Dance

27 Sep

I eventually plan to make these Omegle titles so obtuse that not even understand them. ANYWAY! OMEGLE! I’M GONNA MAKE FUN OF IT! LET’S ROLL!


What is your gender?

What?! I have a gender?! WHAT IS GOING ON?!

so you like sex

Wait, one second, I have to get the proper soundtrack for this question.

Much better.

Odd fact, go!

If you laid your internal organs out across an entire football field from end to end, you’d be dead when you’re done.

i fuck you?

Goddammit, Enrique Iglesias, I’m not falling for that twice!

Female who will rate your dick for a limited time.

Gosh, the Amazon “Customer Reviews” section has gotten weird.

Ever considered incest with a hot relative?

Be right back, going for a hot shower. Of battery acid. That might wash off the first five layers of AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

What is wrong in your life?

The fact that I’m on Omegle instead of marathoning Portal 2!


Your dick is so small I bet when you were born they thought you were a girl!

Pssh, oh yeah? Your dick is so small, you leave pinpricks when erected! You could probably use them to sew pants! You have to take a quart of  Viagra before you can replace a button! The medical community has praised your dick for it’s many invaluable uses in micro-surgery!

(You’d be surprised how much longer I can keep doing this.)


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