Anyway, How’s Your Sex Life?

4 Oct


[Editor’s Note: … Okay, where should I start with this one?]

Anywhere would be fine.

[Editor’s Note: Who the fuck is Tommy Wiseau?!]

He’s the vaguely foreign director who wrote, directed, and starred in The Room!

[Editor’s Note: … The Room?]

Dude. You live with a bad movie reviewer, how the hell can you not know what The Room is?

[Editor’s Note: I tune out about ninety percent of what you say.]

Touche. It’s one of the most legendary of bad movies, one of the ones that literally every part of it has gone horribly wrong!

[Editor’s Note: That’s… wow, that’s pretty bad.]

Yep! It’s like porn to people like me.

[Editor’s Note: Huh. Okay. Annnnd why October third?]

Oh, it’s Wiseau’s birthday.

[Editor’s Note: Yeah, that makes sense. Not sure if you’ll get anyone else to celebrate it, though. … Wait, why the fuck do you know that?!]

I don’t! My sister does, though.

[Editor’s Note: … And why does she know that?]

… Witchcraft?

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