Problems I Didn’t Expect Video Reviewing To Cause

6 Nov

[Yep, still sick, but I was working on another video review, and wanted to get something nice up anyway!]

Number one problem I didn’t expect video reviewing to cause: All of a sudden, my computer is chock full of all kind of bizarre and pointless clips, which guess what? There’s no dignified way to explain those away!

“Hey, why does your desktop have a clip of someone saying ‘I came nine times’ right next to a whole bunch of GWAR songs and the opening scene from ‘Heil Honey, I’m Home’?”

“… I use them to hunt elephants.”

Problem number two: Trying to ask for script ideas will either get you really, really good ones (my mother was the one who suggested using the GWAR song in the PA: TMA review, for instance), or just… really awkward stares.

“Hmm. Do you think I should pelvic thrust for this part, or just leave it to sensual moaning?”

“Avery we are supposed to be working on math homework for fuck’s sake.”

And the final, and biggest problem: Not making video reviews physically hurts me. 

I don’t know why.

Every day I don’t have a chance to work on one, I want to punch something in it’s craplousy face.

I have some issues.

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