9 Nov

No BEN Drowned today, sorry! Been working on the next video review, so here’s a few highlights from the script!

“This flick is one of those films that is great in it’s sheer existence. It’s fantastic in the mere fact that such a film can be real, and can be made! … It’s not fantastic in other sense of the word, though.”

“The Human Centipede was “very traumatic”. That was a major motion recreation of all my shameful record purchases back in elementary school.”

“They could have saved themselves a hell of a lot of trouble if they just bought the poor girl a vibrator.”

GODDDAMMIT, STRANGE IS MY WORD! Now I’m gonna have to change the fucking title and everything! “A Very Kinda Off Putting Place”, maybe?”

“… I want to punch this movie IN THE SOUL.”

“Say what you want about Edward Cullen, at least he wasn’t a fucking date rapist.”

“… That line needs to be beheaded on a pike as a show of force to the others.”



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