The Internet’s National Anthem

14 Nov

[Editor’s Note: Avery?]

[Editor’s Note: Um. Aaaaavery?]

[Editor’s Note: AVERY!]

GAH! What?!

[Editor’s Note: Aren’t you supposed to be fucking working?]

I am! … In a manner of speaking.

[Editor’s Note: Oh god. What did you break now?]

Nothing! I’m just writing up a song!

[Editor’s Note: You can’t sing! You know you can’t sing.]

Shhhhh, if I don’t know it, it can’t hurt me.

[Editor’s Note: GRAH! What kind of song is it?]

Um. It’s Animaniacs’ “Countries Of The World” song, but instead of countries, it’s every single porn site on the internet.

[Editor’s Note: I… I don’t… what?]

Problem is, I googled “every porn site ever made”, and I think I won the internet. My computer just froze and keeps spitting out confetti.


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