Omegle Is The BEST Pokeyman

25 Nov

… Okay, hopefully this time when I make fun of people on Omegle, I’m not going to step into a big steaming pile of incest rape on my first fucking try.


Explain why Lyra is best pony.

Nah, I’m not really into Pokemon.

boobs or butt

Trust me, when your day job involves sitting around and watching nightmarish German porn, the question becomes less “which is better?”, and more “which one will send you into a blind screaming fit?”.

Im not sure if I am ready for college, but I’m already here. What should I do?

Hmm, I dunno, lemme check Dumbing Of Age.

… I’m not entirely sure that’s applicable advice. Do you have anything else?

… Stick with the McNuggets.

What if you magically grow a penis?

… I would be unto a GOD.

*cue lightning*

why is the sky blue?

Because Half Life 3 is confirmed.

Does having the vagina licked has a significant importance for a gal while fucking ?

Aaaaaand we’re right back into the “give me a steel wool shower” part of the evening.

Have you ever made a porno if so what is the tittle

“Oh God, Where Did That Snake Come From”.

I cut myself a lot tonight, any tips on hiding it from my parents?


Girl’s asking if she can spend the night, it may or may not be a shit test, how do i diffuse this?


Confess one of your deepest, darkest secrets.

SMOKEBOOOOOOOMB- er, wait, no, doesn’t quite work here, I take it back.


Today is apparently Reference Webcomics Day!



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