Omegle Is It’s Own Punchline

6 Dec

You know what, instead of making fun of people on Omegle, I’ve decided to start a new series where I look into one hit wonder bands and postulate their whole career and consider where their music would have gone if they’d proceeded to this day!

Either that, or more Omegle. Both are good.


I slept with my wife… what do I do now?


Hello! My band released a new lyric video recently. Would you mind giving us some feedback? Just paste Sacred Sound – “Golden” (Official Lyric Video) into the search bar. Thank you! 😀

Oh, come on, who goes to Omegle to give advertisements for their personal projects!

*shakily puts up hand*

Oh, sweet buttery fuck, I think your lyric video just gave me whiplash.

How many testicles is the normal amount? i am uncertain if i have a problem or not.

… I’m suddenly struck by the mental image of some poor son-of-a-bitch with over three hundred testicles, flooding the entire city with his ballsack.

If one of your friends told you they were pansexual, what would you do?

Try to cook something in them, probably.

im a girl 19 and i wanna please a cop. do you think i can make him pull me over and start sucking him i wanna so bad

You know, most people just stick with roleplaying, but hey, if you want to go to prison for soliciting a cop and end up being some angry lady’s handpuppet, it’s all good.

You get together with you crush but he/she just broke up with one of your friends a week ago yay or nay and why

Yay, because WOOT CUDDLES.


Although, if your crush is a cat, then I think we have some serious problems here.

I am watching you.

Gotcha. I should probably start wearing pants.

I want to die

Huh. I want some pie, personally.


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