Soundtracking My Woes

7 Dec

[Editor’s Note: Hey, where have you been all day?]

I was off seeing Big Hero Six! 

[Editor’s Note: Oh, how was it?]

Really good! Pretty kiddy, and very toyetic, but the writing was fun, the animation was gorgeous, the story was fascinating and the characters were absolutely relatable!

[Editor’s Note: Cool! I’ll have to see it one of these days.]

Definitely give it a shot. By the way, the soundtrack was also great.

[Editor’s Note: Um. You know that “Immortals” song?]

That really kickass one they played over the transformation scene? Hell yeah, that was great! What about it?

[Editor’s Note: That was written by Fall Out Boy.]


[Editor’s Note: Yes.]


[Editor’s Note: Yep.]


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