Omegle, The Mind Killer

13 Dec

Goddammit, why can’t I find a copy of Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas?! If it’s so bad, you’d think it would be somewhere online! I don’t even- oh. You’re here. Um. Let’s make fun of Omegle, I guess?


You’re gonna need a bigger piece of wood than that, cowboy.

Oh, jesus. You might as well put the dick joke on a fucking tee.

When I see your face, I want to shoot myself

Gee, that’s funny! When I see my face, I want to shoot you too.

would you fuck me im 16 got a tight pussy




… Wait, why are they all white?

There’s this girl who obviously likes my brother but she’s not good enough for him so today when they were hanging out I held my brother’s hand. She was so pissed. How can I get her to leave though?

Hmm. First, tear her heart out. Then, cupcakes. Then, fuck her eye-socket. Then, Queen will play.

[Editor’s Note: Queen won’t play, Avery.]

Oh, Queen will play.

Queen will motherfucking play.

hits blunt* if tomatoes are a fruit then ketchup is a smoothie

And if ketchup is a smoothie, THEN THIS JOKE HAS NEVER BEEN FUNNY.

selena gomez is your fuck buddy. fuck her

Dude, she liked Trash Humpers, you can have her.

what celebrity do you look like?

I am literally Nicolas Cage.

Hello! My band released a new lyric video recently. Would you mind giving us some feedback? Just paste Sacred Sound – “Golden” (Official Lyric Video) into the search bar. Thank you! 😀

I… wait one cocksucking second, you did this last week too! Sweet buttery fuck, how desperate are you for views?!

*checks comment section*

“Could you stop fucking spamming omegle please. for fuck sake.”

“Stop spamming omeagle with this”

“generic pop-rock crap but with a bad singer, the lyrics are completely meaningless drivel, here’s your review stop spamming omegle you hacks”

Ah, the internet.


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