I Don’t Understand Omegle

11 Jan

If anybody figures out how Omegle works, just… just let me know, okay? Send me… like, a pigeon or something. I just… I just don’t understand Omegle…

Doesn’t stop me from making dick jokes, though.


are you a boy or a girl?

I trust that explained everything.

my little sister is sleeping next to me. :3

Annnnd now the screaming starts.

*holds up molotov cocktail*

*holds up lighter*

I’ll be right back.

Do you know what a Trap is? Would you want one~?

And somewhere, Admiral Ackbar cries a single manly tear.

Pathetic Muslims rigged my cock and gave it testicles and two “eyes”. I need penis Norton asap or I could get my penis hacked. PLEASE HELP ME.

Well, I see nothing at all questionable about this. Good day, sir.

u like pussy or dick

And the Catwoman/Nightwing debate continues to this day.

It should not have been that difficult to find art of this.

how can i come out to my family about being transgender?

Slowly replace every piece of furniture in the house with a dildo. Do it slow enough to make them question if it’s even happening to begin with. 

what your favorite thing about dick or having one?

They’re great to hang on my mantle-place?

Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag?

Oh goddammit, Katy Perry’s become self aware! She’s firing off the nukes-


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