Internet Campfire Tales: Necrosleep, A Creepypasta Review, Part Three

9 Feb

Oh. Yes, because I definitely wanted to get back to the on-going adventures of the most punch-able non-conformist on the internet. And for an encore, I’ll go fishing for pufferfish with my dick.


Previously, on NecrosleepA whiny idiot is staying at home and refusing to interact with people. But enough about my life, how about the story?


“October 21st, 2014. I’m adjusting very well to my new lifestyle. I can already tell this is the way I should’ve been living all along. The internet is a far more interesting place during the night.”

And somewhere, Gender Of The Night nods in approval.

“Everything has been fairly normal lately, except for one thing.”

‘Some guy named Avery has been following me around and trying to punch me in the back of the head all day. Weird, right?’

“Yesternight, I received a mysterious private message on Nocturnal Underground. Here’s the message copied and pasted for your reading pleasure: To: Reedman07. From: Revelation666. Subject:”

… Revelation666?!


Dumber than “Enigma Of The Deathbringer”? You make the call.

“Congratulations Reedman07. You’ve been invited to an invitation-only website that will change your life forever. Discover what society doesn’t want you to know at”

Insert joke about Ordinary Porn For Ordinary People here. Or Default.exe. Or Sonic.exe. Or Crystal.exe- oh god there are a lot of Pastas about computers.

“Use your exclusive invitation code to enter: DCLXVI. Find out what you’ve been missing your entire life.”

An interesting story, for one.

“Sounds like a total scam, but it piqued my interest. I couldn’t resist going to the site just to see what the hell it was.”

And now your computer has the techno-clap. Good call.

“So I went there, and arrived at a completely empty black page. I noticed the text cursor blinking in the center, indicating that I could type there. I presumed that this was where I was supposed to type the invitation code, and I presumed correctly.”

There’s something about being a Creepypasta protagonist that just seems to fry your survival instinct. If I ever get a starring role in one of them, I presume I’ll start off by trying to eat a blender.

Statistically, still a better idea than more Creepypastas.

“When the home page loaded, I immediately noticed that all of the text was in Russian besides the title header, which simply said “” in English.”

Well, technically, “Necro” is actually Ancient Greek.

“My web browser automatically detected that the site was Russian and offered to translate it for me, so of course I clicked yes.”

Spoiler alert: This is literally how A Very Strange Place came into being.

“Now, this site was clearly on the shady side.”

What tipped you off.

“Whoever designed it was certainly not well versed in web design, as the site had more in common with a notepad document than a good webpage.”

Or, in other words, a retroactive excuse for why the picture on the site looks so bland.

“The background was black, the white text was written in the oh-so-generic Courier font, and under the title header was a row of red hyperlinks labeled as follows: Main, Purchase, Secret, and Credit. Here’s an excerpt from the main page:”

‘Welcome to Necrosleep, and this is where things get interesting.”

“Welcome to This website is invitation-only. Selected visitors have exclusive access to our special product that will change your life forever.”

Sorry, dudes, they already invented sex toys.

“Necrosleep is a product that safely negates the biological necessity of sleep, thanks to our miraculous secret formula. With one pill a day, you will never feel the need to sleep again.”

Wow, what a fascinating idea for a Creepypasta! It’s certainly a good thing that there is no other famous Creepypasta with the premise of examining what happens to people without sleep RUSSIAN SLEEP EXPERIMENT I’M TALKING ABOUT THE RUSSIAN SLEEP EXPERIMENT.

Okay, okay, I’m just joshin’ with you. I mean, it’s such a broad concept, and I’m sure this Pasta will handle the subject just as well- indeed, even better!


Okay, I don’t know how those crickets are getting in, but I do not appreciate it.


5 Responses to “Internet Campfire Tales: Necrosleep, A Creepypasta Review, Part Three”

  1. Alexander Dunwall February 10, 2015 at 1:08 am #

    What’s creepy is I know a guy who goes by Reedman.

    Also, Russian website…removing the need to sleep…

    Oh great, this is Russian Sleep Experiment’s sequel, isn’t it.


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