future events such as these shall effect you in the future

12 Feb

Okay, I need a break from that Creepypasta. Let’s open up the veil of time itself and take a gander at an oncoming video review, shall we?

“Man, the One Ring of Power is getting a lot more blatant in its evil, huh.”

“Oh, of course, everyone in the stock market has to work late, ever since Bane pulled his heist.”

‘What, is she a wizard? Does she have a magic wand in her purse?’ “A Hitachi Magic Wand, sure.

“Using sexually charged epithets to denigrate women, or as they call it in America, character development.”

“Looks like Santa is leaving foreshadowing under the tree tonight. … Son of a- it’s not even CLOSE to Christmas, I shouldn’t have to fucking make Christmas jokes!”

“The first person to make a ‘red solo cup’ joke is getting my fist in their soul.”

“Does she have any personality other than “toothy grin”? Oh, right, she’s a love interest, having a personality is a deluxe feature that isn’t standard in this model.”

“Oh, great, people with no personality failing to flirt in a vain attempt at regaining what little humanity that the system hasn’t crushed out, all leading to gruesome slaughter at the hands of a vicious killer. But enough about my high school graduation, how are you?”


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