a small reflection

20 Feb

[Editor’s Note: So.]

Um, yeah? What?

[Editor’s Note: Right now, you’re balancing a movie review, and a Creepypasta review?]

Yes, that is accurate.

[Editor’s Note: … And you’re doing none of them.]

Well, that’s because I’m working on my video review.

[Editor’s Note: Oh! Okay then.]

… And my fan Tumblr.

[Editor’s Note: Well, ri-]

And that horror movie script.

[Editor’s Note: You can stop talking-]

And that fantasy series I’m working on.

[Editor’s Note: … ]

And that science fiction story.

[Editor’s Note: I’m regretting starting this conversation-]

And that fan fiction. And daily posts. And future reviews. And learning how to draw. And getting ready for a Broadway musical. And that other movie script.

[Editor’s Note: You know, normally I’d tell you to take a break, but your stress induced mental breakdown is honestly pretty entertaining.]

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