Your Basic, Average Omegle

26 Feb

Oh, for- at this point, I am quite literally just taking whatever sentence I’m reading at the current moment, and slapping Omegle at the end. What a stirring representation of workmanship! Alas, anyway, Omegle, and the mocking thereupon.


pretend you accedentally walk into pony-con (my little pony btw) what would you do? (sorry for misspelling)

So, you felt bad enough about your bad spelling to apologize about it, but not enough to actually fix it?

Oh, it’s going to be one of those days.

dont touch me there

Ah, it’s like my first date all over again. Well. Fine, add Doodles Weaver.

thoughts on a 17 year old girl dating a 23 year old guy

Sounds like a set-up to Endless Love 2: Electric Boogaloo?

if i murder and escape out of my country, do they still have legal authorities to convict me in foreign land?

Isn’t that what Batman is for?

What came first the chicken or the egg hint: what incubated the egg/what fucked the chicken

Um. ‘True’, I’ll go ‘true’.

What makes you happy?

[Insert stock “dark” answer to make me seem edgy]

do girls care about dick size?….if so what siz

Three feet. Fully prehensile. With a stinger- wait, no, I’m getting genitals confused with scorpions again.

Can you still be considered a “Neckbeard” even if you have a circle beard and are by your own genetics a skinny dude?

Eh, whichever response would insult you more, just pretend I said that.

madonna fell off stage and DIED!!!

And her cone bra rose in three days.

Man, I hope she’s not really dead. Or this is going to be really awkward.


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