visions of the world of tomorrow

27 Mar

Woot! Video review scripts? Don’t mind if I do!

“”The following is based on a true story.” And by that, they mean that Jewish people really do exist.”

“Playing old romance songs during unfitting scenes to establish an uneasy atmosphere? My oh my, Insidious’s evil little ears must be burning.”

“Is there some kind of hat rule in this family? Both the daughters are wearing one! If there was a third one, we’d call it a hat trick.”

“And we have established a broken family dynamic! Houston, we are go for ripping off Amityville Horror.”

“”For real? You’re going to blame this on me?” Yes. I thought the fact that I was blaming this on you made that fairly obvious.”

“What could have… possessed somebody to make this movie? Eh? Eh? Eh– oh, fuck you.”

“Second scariest jack-in-the-box ever.”

“Hah hah, we’re being happy now to juxtapose the horrible things that are going to happen later!”


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