Fear And Loathing In Omegle

4 Apr

… How the assballs do I not have a marketing deal from Omegle yet?! 

Um, anyway. Omegle! Let’s make fun of it- or, rather, the people who use it! That seems like a good idea, right? The answer is yes, you dork. It’s always yes.


What is the ideal characteristic for a guy

A fedora and a neck-beard, according to at least half of the internet.

My girlfriend did all her chores today. I ain’t gotta bust her lip or nothin’ tonight.

Obvious troll! You spelled all of your words correctly, that’s a foul and a twenty yard penalty.

Who are 5 celebrities that you find attractive?

Five different clones of Morgan Freeman.

Awwww yeeeeeah.

My boyfriend told a girl online that she looked good, is that bad?

Obviously, he’s planning to fuck her in the ear. Time to dip his genitals in bleach and stick them in steel wool.

What is your favorite flavor of kitten?

Barbecue sauce.

… Wait, what?


Welp, there’s my yearbook quote.

Do nice guys really finish last?

I don’t know, sleep with one and find out.

Why are ghosts so creepy?

Hey, that’s racist! Wait. No. Soulist? Deadist? Corpsist? Anyway, fuck you.

if you were an animal what kind of animal would you be and why?

Ah, yes, the Animorphs entry exam. If you answer “a Yeerk”, an Andalite reaches through the computer and hacks you into pieces.

God, this book series was awesome and dumb at the same time.

sex in the woods?

Gosh, The Cabin In The Woods porn parody is just not even trying anymore.

Discuss business, education, finance, investment, property, how the jews lied about the holocaust etc. (No Trolls)

Oh, you just think you’re so fucking clever, don’t you.

what is being pansexual mean?

The first person who says something about having sex with a pan dies.



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