previews and other drugs

6 Apr

Gah, I hate having to make these preview posts. But I love working on scripts! Clearly, my life is a tortured one.

“… It worries me that I cannot tell if these are supposed to be teenagers or not. And of course, it takes place in Nevada. Because Hostel had already claimed Europe.”

“How the hell does a random ass motel in the middle of nowhere have regulars? Wouldn’t everybody be a newcomer, seeing as they’d only ever stop here while passing through? Nobody lives around here! Unless a Grabboid is living down the road, then you can kindly take a long fuck-off off a short pier.”

“Motherfucker, I hate Facebook feeds when it’s people I know, what makes you think I want to see yours?”

Dislike. … Wait, can you dislike a Facebook post? Unlike? Poke? Whatever, fuck this movie.”

“There is no way in hell that that car is busted. No. Fuck you. Unless your car is made out of porcelain, fine china, and the chance that this movie would fare decently at the box office, that car is fine.”

“This was the first ever teaser released for the film- hell, this was before we even had a name. It was mysterious- exciting- enticing! A bold new idea from a visionary director! And the fact that it completely and utterly sucked is beside the point!”

“Oh, please, you call that a teenage suicide? I’ve seen it better on that one Kids Next Door episode that they refuse to air again.”

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