chunk a little dunk

13 Apr


I’m afraid I have to interrupt our Evidence review for just a moment, because- seriously, who still receives spam mail nowadays?!

“Subject Line: Chunk a little dunk of Toni V. Cumberledge ALL NIGHT LONG”

Out of all the various spam mail I got today, this was the only one in my inbox that made me blink. Maybe it was the little beating heart emoticon that I can’t even post on here, or maybe it was the phrase “chuck a little dunk”. Or both.

Now, for the most part, it’s exactly what you’d think. Miss Toni, politely informing me that I am cute, and requesting my presence on her website to stare at her ass. But, in a font that is completely invisible and tiny, there’s something… weird.

“He stopped as well then. Since we got the same thing that j1HΨ”

Like, this is hidden- completely unnoticeable, except for the fact that I accidentally highlighted it while I was trying to copy and paste.


And for a big part of it, it’s mostly just gibberish like that.

“Whenever he placed her eyes”

… And then there’s things like that. I mean… that’s creepy, right? Somebody has to agree with me- that’s really creepy.

“Once but now it was about helen. Since you mean it was loved”

… Why is this here? Who is Helen?

“Cass was being said and everyone. Okay let me the passenger seat.”

“Matt reached his door was doing”

“Turn it seemed the store. Great big hug and give us that”

“⁄©hYeah okay matt wanted it out that. Okay matt rubbed his right Open his hand the second time”

“Truck to move on your brother matt. Since her away but one for dylan”

… What the fuck is going on?! What the hell does this have to do with chunking my dunk?!

“Psalm homegrown dandelions by the bedroom door.
Always love her close the call. Okay matt you mean more. Against her hair from what.
Help beth leaned into the best.
Simmons and placed dylan on this.
Dylan made that needed this.
KBö∏Wash his side and kissed beth. Simmons and grinned at least he started. Homegrown dandelions by judith bronte matt.
Life for matty and diaper. Shaking his carrier on our mom sighed.
Homegrown dandelions by judith bronte. Like what do everything he kept thinking. Nothing but only be quiet beth.”

Is… is this poetry? Is some poor son of a bitch being forced to write this spam, and is just furiously hiding his creative writing projects in the margins? Fifty bucks to whoever can write fan fiction based on this babel!

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