Omegle, We Meet Again

6 Jun

You can’t just jump back into posting, you understand. You have to ease into it. Like a jacuzzi. Or the Mafia. So, Omegle, gimme your best shot!


Whats hotter? Ripped abs or Flat abs?

Is pureed an option?

I have a man-purse. I was walking home and a woman attacked me, yelling to give her ‘her’ purse back while another woman filmed. It’s been posted and went viral in my area. What do I do?

Become the hero Gotham deserves. Become Bat-Purse.

To fall in love with strangers?

Strangers on Omegle… exchanging glances…

what do you think about sexual exploration?

I think it’s a good lead-up to a Star Trek joke.

Lucifer, we are here for your grace, evil one.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake- this guy again? Just- just tell him I’m not here.”

Freestyle it up

N- no, that’s… that’s not going to be happening.

She’s such a beautiful gril i want to make burgers on her.

Is that charcoal in your pants, or are you- OH GOD GET THAT CHARCOAL OUT OF YOUR PANTS. 

fuck marry kill: Blind person, Deaf Person, or Person with no hands

All of the above.


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